Beeswax Polish „Holz-Wachs“

  • Beeswax Polish „Holz-Wachs“

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      14 Ancient walnut
      70 Transparent
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    Borma Wachs
  • The Holzwachs bees and carnauba wax, is an authentic natural wax,( with no type of plastic silicon), with optimal nutrient qualities. Protects and polishes all wooden surfaces, to obtain pleasant and soft protective film with anti-static properties. Dyed with light-resistant colours, this product features stability over time and is ideal for the maintenance of prestigious furniture. How to use: Before application, shake the container well for a few seconds, small preliminary tests are recommended if dyed. Spray the wax directly onto the surface at a distance of approx. 25 cm. Smooth out the wax with a lint-free cloth and leave to dry for at least 20/30 minutes. When the surface is dry, polish to the degree of shine required.