• Liquid beeswax „Holz-Wachs Fluid“
    Code: GLB0220

    Containing pure bee’s and carnauba wax, nourishes, regenerates, protects and polishes all types of wood. Particularly recommended for valuable and antique furniture. Certificate in EN71. Spread the product on the surface to be treated with the aid of a brush or even more simply with a band of wool. It is advisable to test patch firstly if coloured. Uniform the surface. Let it act for 1- 2 hrs. Proceed with the polishing using a brush or cloth that does not leave fluff. The polishing will be more brilliant and more intense.

    10.58  - 17.34 
    Beeswax „Holz-Wachs“
    Code: GLB0120
    10.33  - 79.53 
    15.50  - 67.82