Wax for interior and exterior use „Holzwachs Lasur“

  • Wax for interior and exterior use „Holzwachs Lasur“

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  • High solid non-peeling finish, based on natural waxes and resins. It provides a thick and smooth layer, preventing wood oxidation and wear. Full pigmented, it’s formulated with high quality raw materials increasing UV rays resistance and preventing from moulds and insects’ attacks. Interior and exterior use. The high-quality substances and UV filters in the product prevent the formation of dye rot and attacks by insects such as woodworm and certain beetles, while guaranteeing optimal resistance to weather conditions. Its formulation and natural density facilitates brush application. With a brush or soft piece of woollen cloth, apply directly onto the surface to be treated. If it is coloured, test before applying. Let it act for a minimum of 8 hours. If needed, sand over before applying a second coat. For a more perfect finish, after applying with the brush we advise rubbing over with a cloth. Total drying time 24 hours. Yield: 8 – 12 m²/Lt with UV filters.