Waterbased parquet polish „Parquet Wax“

  • Waterbased parquet polish „Parquet Wax“

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  • Waxy polymer emulsion, solvent-free, ideal to protect and refresh worn wooden floorings. Its composition with natural waxes easily give a pleasant brilliance and wear resistance. Wax is designed for interior use, almost odorless. It forms a flexible glossy film, resistant and re-polishing with normal equipments, resistant to washing with usual neutral detergents for floors. If the parquette to be treated requires a restorative finish it is advisable to wax with the Extra Strong Wood Stripper. Rinse off any residue and dry evenly spread the wax on the entire surface with the aid of a cloth. Let it dry for 1-2 hours. The product gives a glossy film, resistant to detergents and fingerprints. If it's necessary, repeat the operation. Approx yield: 60-70m²/Lt.