Binder-based resin

  • Binder-based resin

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    Borma Wachs
  • It's a ready to use binding resin for the individual preparation of Borma Holzmasse. Pasted together with wood sawdust obtained from sanding, allows to obtain a spreadable paste easily. The binding resin does not alter the original colour of the wood and therefore the paste has the same tone of the wood from which the powder has been obtained. The paste can be tinted over or varnished over with both solvent and water based products. Depending on the type of wood, its absorbency, the powder dimensions and the consistence of paste that you want to obtain, the ratio of resin and powder will be between 1 part powder and 3/4 parts resin, so you can spread the product with a spatula. Apply directly onto the appropriately clean surface, allowing it to penetrate deeply. The product takes between 5 to 45 mins to dry depending on the thickness applied. When the surface is dried one can proceed with sandpapering and eventual varnishing.