• „Bone glue“

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  • BONE GLUE is a natural glue, especially suitable for antique furniture restoration. Melting in water. Characterized by high elasticity. It is the traditional glue for wood used for ages by carpenters, for the gluing of joints and veneers, in addition of the simple usage of nails. A necessary product for the handicraftsmen working in the field of ancient furniture restoring, bone glue has the ideal characteristics of elasticity and reversibility, making it the main glue for the restoring of wood. It is necessary to be equipped with a Gilder's Pot, or any kind of container for bain-marie warming. Put in the pot the necessary quantity of Bone Glue in pearl form and cover it with cold or warm water. Let it rest for two hours. Pearls will be then swollen and softened. Warm the pot with an electrical heater (do not use fire). The temperature must not exceed 50-55°C, otherwise glue will lose all sticking properties. During the cooking phase that lasts for 20-30 minutes, stir continuously the product with a stick. The glue will completely dissolve in water, and become viscous as honey.