Borma IG PURE - a long-term protection for your floor with a self-renewing cleaning function.

Borma IG PURE - a long-term protection for your floor with a self-renewing cleaning function.

Active barrier
IG-PURE treated and maintained surfaces activate a barrier against proliferation of microorganisms that are often the leading cause of unpleasant odours. The particular structure of the inorganic crystals delivers a gradual release of Silver metal ions.
The precise nanostructure of the crystals encourages the controlled release of Silver by the gradual dissolution of a ‘glasslike’ material under humid conditions thereby maintaining the effectiveness of protection over time.

Time effectiveness
The inorganic origin of the nanostructural glass matrix stabilizes the IG PURE silver, granting heat- and superficial discoloration resistance, that is a classic problem for all the standard silver additives.
„Borma iG PURE has the ability to offer an intrinsic cleaning and sanitizing action. The technology of encapsulating silver and inserting it inside wood finishing substrates offers a continuous protection of the surfaces exposed to frequent contact, such as floors, doors, and drawers.


  • Borma iG PURE Wood Oil finishes are formulated with natural vegetable oils obtained from renewable sources. This specific feature constitutes a cutting edge solution for the designer, applicator and end-user looking for high hygienic performance, sustainability, and natural safe materials.


  • Borma iG PURE finishes are specifically designed for coating interior flooring and furniture, where surface hygiene is a fundamental requirement: kitchens, bathrooms, children’s furniture, but also public areas designated for food preparation and consumption (bars, restaurants, canteens, etc).


  • Test and quality - approvals by Third Party Laboratories with International Regulation ISO 22196. Limit value (R) = 50%