Ecofiller „Ecostucco“

  • Ecofiller „Ecostucco“

    Code: GLB1500005.200
      05 Pine
      10 Larch
      17 Teak
      29 Light cherry
      30 Cherry
      42 Beech P17
      50 White
      51 Light oak
      52 Dark oak
      53 Light walnut
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      62 Mahogany
      63 Dark walnut
      101 Grey
      65 Ash
      08 Natural wood
      54 Douglas
      59 Medium walnut
      04 Fir
      146 Wenge
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    Borma Wachs
  • It's a hydro-putty formulated and composed of first quality raw materials. It is particularly suitable for wood and plastering and scraping wall surfaces before painting and varnishing. It dries quickly and remains unaltered (colours are light resistant). Among it's main characteristics are: easily sand-papered, limited loss, good anchorage with minimum absorption. Choose the required shade (preferably darker than the support to be treated) and apply the filler directly onto the cleaned fault. Leave to dry for 6/8 hours, depending on the thickness of the coat. Sand off any excess. Remove any dust or grease and paint the surface with either solvent based products, water based (Holzfarbe, Water-based pastel stains, Spirit stains). Once dry paint over (Holzwachs spray) or wax over (Beeswax in paste form).