Fast drying wood filler „Holzmasse“

  • Fast drying wood filler „Holzmasse“

    Code: GLB1800005
      05 Pine
      42 Beech P17
      51 Light oak
      63 Dark walnut
      65 Ash
      59 Medium walnut
      146 Wenge
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    Borma Wachs
  • It's a fast drying product based on wood powder, ideal for the reconstruction of defected or damaged wood. The product ,once dried is workable just like natural wood (filed, sand papered or planed). Available in different colours. Choose the required shade (preferably darker than the support that is being treated), apply the Borma putty directly on to the clean surface with a spatula. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, depending on the quantity used. Sand off any excess product. Stain to required colour. Remove any dust or grease and paint the support with any sort of varnish, either solvent based, water based (Holzfarbe, Water-based pastel stains, Spirit stains). When it is dry it can be varnished over with Touch-up spray lacquer for wood or waxed with Beeswax in paste form.