„Flatting Extra Marine“ High elasticity. Special for boats.

  • „Flatting Extra Marine“ High elasticity. Special for boats.

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    High solid, high quality lacquer, ready to use, with excellent elasticity and high filling power. Prevents cracks and flaking. Suitable both for interior and exterior use, also on exotic wood. Enriched with UV filters, it forms a considerably thick protective film, resistant to water and adverse weather conditions. Non-dripping. For preliminary colouration of the surfaces, you can apply Holz Lasur exterior woodstain, then proceed to finish with two coats of Flatting Extra Marine. To ensure it lasts over time, Flatting Extra Marine can be directly pigmented with Oil Concentrates COXX. Available in satin (30 gloss) and gloss (80 gloss) finish. Method of Usage Dilute 10-15% with Solvoil 04. In case of raw supports, take care that the timber is well-aged, clean and dry proceeding then to apply a first coat of very diluted product (20-40%). In case of restoring of old supports, first lightly sand the surface, in order to clean and uniform it; than apply a first coat. Apply then a second coat after 24 hours, to allow correct drying to occur.