Gilding aging patina „GIUDAiC BITUMEN“

  • Gilding aging patina „GIUDAiC BITUMEN“

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  • Dark brown thick liquid used to realize ageing patina effects on every surface. It can also be added to finishing lacquers for pictures or to furniture waxes to get an antique effect. Judaic Bitumen is formulated in respect of the oldest traditions of furniture restorers. It is the ideal solution to easily give to each kind of surface an antique and patinated look. Practically odorless, ready-to-use, very easy application. Apply Judaic Bitumen evenly on the surface that has to be decorated, by paintbrush or by cloth. Let it act for a while, then remove eventual local excesses with steel wool 000, in order to create ageing shades. Accordingly to the kind of surface, this phase can be done by cloth, simply to avoid potential scratches. Let it dry for at least 4 hours. Fix it with a coat of Borma Porefiller Basecoat; then finish with a wax or lacquer application.