• Gloss surface cleaner

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  • - Gloss Surface Cleaner is a ready to use foam cleaner which quickly provides a smear free finish on gloss surfaces.

    - Gloss Surface Cleaner is a professional grade cleaner which also reduces the rate of static pick-up on any surface – reducing the build up of dust.

    - In just one quick and easy application it polishes leaving gloss kitchen cupboards, appliances, glass, mirrors or chrome surfaces free from grubby finger prints, water marks, dust and light dirt and looking as good as new.

    -Unika’s Gloss Cleaner is the only product of its kind that restores a high sheen after every application. Other traditional multi-surface cleaners can be mildly abrasive causing gloss cupboards, for example, to become dull over time.

    - Directions for Use: Spray sparingly onto gloss surfaces and buff dry with a micro fibre cloth. For stubborn areas leave for 1 – 2 minutes for foam to collapse and the moisture to soften the marks.

    - 200ml aerosol.