• Gold powder

    Code: GLBCD04645
    Price 24.12 
    Borma Wachs
  • Powder of pure metal alloy, designed to provide the surface of metallic effect. Easy to use, different colored powder can be mixed with each other. Powder can be mixed with oil, wax, Shellac Polish and special golding varnish Zapon. Blending of these materials extracted glossy desired shade and varnishes waxes applied strands brush or cloth. Powders can be mixed with oils of Borma range. Add to the chosen product (wax, oil, or other) in variable quantity (from 1 to 20%) following the coverage and the intensity desired. Mix well. Apply by brush or cloth, following the method of usage of the coloured product. Alternatively, powders can be applied directly by a soft brush on a surface treated with Water-Based Goldsize or 12H Oil Goldsize.