• Hard Top Oil

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  • Based on natural oils and enriched with high quality resins and waxes, Hard Top Oil provides excellent protection with a pleasant natural effect. Suitable for tables and kitchen tops in general, as well as chopping boards and wooden kitchen tools, it is certified for food contact according to EN71.3, DIN 53160 and DIN68861 standards. Applicable by brush, rag, roller or spray. For a very accurate effect it is advisable to remove the excess with a soft cloth. Allow to dry completely before using the treated object. The chopping boards and in general the articles of frequent use can be washed with water and neutral soap; they will be subject to maintenance proportional to the frequency of use. Approx yield: 14-26m²/Lt. Clean the surface. Shake the tank vigorously before usage. Apply the oil uniformly using a brush or a rag. Possibly, especially with low porosity woods, the first coat may be diluite with Solvoil 04. Wait 6-8 hours to get completely the dry surface, considering both the amount of product used, and the temperature. Sand the surface with 220/240 grain for increased softness. Then proced with the application of a second coat. To obtain a regular drying apply taking care not create too thick coverings. Complete drying after 12 h, maximum hardness after 24 h.