• Imitation Gold Leaf

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    Borma Wachs
  • Very thin leaves made up of pure metals alloy, they are ideal to confer special metalized effects upon every kind of surface. Leaves for square meter : - 8x8 cm - 180 psc. - 9,15x9,15 cm - 137 psc. - 14x14 cm - 100 psc. - 16x16 cm - 90 psc. They are mostly used in gilding technique, both traditional and not traditional. Apply one hand of Acrylic White Gesso Primer by brush, or by spray (in this case diluting it with 10-20% water). Let it dry 4-6 hours. when the primer is dry, apply one layer of Waterbased Goldsize or Oilbased Goldsize and wait the complete drying; when the goldsize has dried, after about 4-6hrs, a sticky surface will be obtained. Take the gold leaf with a paper-made spatula and put it on the whole surface treated with goldsize. Where the leaf doesn’t adhere perfectly, push it with a cotton bun. Wait about 6-8hrs for the leaf to be pasted properly, then take away the exceeding pieces of leaf with a soft brush. Finally apply one hand of Spray Varnish or Zapon Lack.