Marking pen „PROFIX"

  • Marking pen „PROFIX"

    Code: GLB0800006
      10 Larch
      14 Ancient walnut
      16 Cherry
      17 Teak
      30 Cherry
      42 Beech P17
      45 Rustic oak 2
      46 Brown
      47 Black brown
      51 Light oak
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      52 Dark oak
      53 Light walnut
      60 Black
      62 Mahogany
      B9 Black
      06 Birch
      09 Light teak
      19 Silver-gold
      33 Dark mahogany
      41 Beech
      54 Douglas
      59 Medium walnut
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    Borma Wachs
  • Retouching pen for colouring any wooden surface. Transparent over wood grain. With its special nib is perfect for profile and corner applications. It is easy to apply and of a nearly immediate effect, allowing any other work to follow. Toluene and xylol base free. Soft chisel point that stimulates the most traditional brush, making application easy in any corner. Transparent over wood grain. When dries, the product is resistant to light and water effects. For indoor use. A wide range of color. Ideal for every type of wood. With a special chisel tip, it allows easy retouching even in the most difficult areas. Applied following the wood grain easily recovers abrasions and scratches, making them invisible. For better bonding and result, remove all dirt or dust from the surface area. Use the pen in a series of dots in a lengthways direction, following the grain of the wood. Wait a few seconds, and then wipe off any excess product with a soft cloth. Once dry, any further finishing can be carried out, varnishing, waxing, etc. Close the cap securely after use.