Regenerating Oil for internal/external usage „Teak Oil Spray“

  • Regenerating Oil for internal/external usage „Teak Oil Spray“

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  • Mix of odourless drying oils, for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for all types of unfinished or time-worn woods. On application, in-depth penetration in wood fibre, non peeling, protecting the wood from adverse weather conditions and harmful agents, enhancing the tone and natural beauty. Like all oil fired surface-coated teak oil surface over time, need to be updated. How to use: Before use, shake the container well for a few seconds. On a clean and dry surface free of dust and grease, spray the Teak Oil directly from a distance of approx. 25cm. Apply at least two coats at an interval of at least 2/4 H , to enable the first coat to dry. With the surface dry, after around 8-12 h at 20°C. Application of wax or a paint finish is possible.