Shellac Sanding Sealer - Wax free -trasparent

  • Shellac Sanding Sealer - Wax free -trasparent

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  • Shellac Sanding Sealer is transparent shellac based, of the highest quality. Produced with natural shellac wax, and given its transparency, it is ideal as a first coat in the treatment of wax or shellac on light wood such as pine etc. Completely formulated with natural products , and ready to use, it is fast drying and of notably adhesion. The wood must not be varnished; it must be free of dust, grease and wax. Check that any stains that have been applied (Stain concentrate, Spirit stains) are perfectly dry. The product must be applied at a room temperature no lower than 10°C. Apply evenly using a pad or brush. Powder is produced after 10-15 minutes, completely dry after 30 minutes. Sand lightly (240-360 grain) and then apply a second coat. When completely dry, finish with Shellac french polish or Beeswax in paste form.