Special for raw wood protection - Holz 2000

  • Special for raw wood protection - Holz 2000

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  • HOLZ 2000 is a formulated biodegradable professional product with a registered active substance (EC 258-067-9) and therefore free from particular legislations. The gradual drying allows a deep penetration, without marks or smears after application, allowing any final overcoating. It has a good aggressiveness, without altering the wood fiber, it guarantees a very good result that prevents and eliminates for good all harmful agents to wood such as woodworm and parasites in general. For use on a corroded or weakened support, apply Holz 2000 abundantly using a brush, spray or, if possible, by immersion. To improve the effect of the treatment, we advise covering the support with a tarpaulin or plastic which blocks transpiration. Wait 12-24 hours, depending on the type of wood and the amount of product that has been applied. For prevention fill, sand and finish the surface. For treatment decide whether a new application of Holz 2000 is needed before passing onto any other phases.