Specific sealant for parquet and laminate

  • Specific sealant for parquet and laminate

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  • ECO SEAL 300kx is an elastic high-quality sealant special for the sealing of joints between all kinds of varnished woodwork. Excellent adhesion on porous surfaces, almost odorless, solvent free and free of other dangerous substances, easy to use. Overcoatable.

    ECOSEAL 300 is a one-component and elastic acrylic-based sealant in water dispersion, specifically designed for sealing parquet and laminates. This a special high-quality, solvent-free, fast curing, sandable and overcoatable with all kinds of commercially available parquet finishes product. ECOSEAL 300 offers excellent adhesion and can also be used as an adhesive; can be used on lacquered and non-lacquered parquet.
    ECOSEAL 300 is available in 9 standard colors.

    Suitable for varnished wood, hardwoods, laminate, parquet, plywood, skirting boards, wooden stairs, windows and frames; ideal for filling joints on flooring and for joints between parquet and walls. It guarantees the sealing of moved joints up to 5-10%.

    Coupling parts must be clean, free of dust, oil, grease, bitumen and ice.

    ECOSEAL can be smoothed into the support by moistening the tool with water and sliding with light pressure over the seal.

    Film formation 5-10 minutes

    Overpaintable 4-6 hours

    Sandable 18-24 hours


    Possible colors: