• Wood Hardener

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    Borma Wachs
  • Ready to use fast drying acrylic resin dispersion solvent , that reinforces and hardens any type of weakened wood from insects or that’s worn in time. Completely transparent , it does not alter the natural tone, but penetrates deeply and seals the wood, recreating the original consistency, protecting it from further aggression. Internal and external use. On natural unvarnished wood, filled with 1PK quick drying wood filler, Ecofiller, Two component filler sanded, free of dust, grease and wax. Check that any stains that have been applied (Multipurpose concentrated dye, Spirit stain) are perfectly dry. Evenly apply an abundant amount using a brush. To improve the result, repeat the operation 2-3 times, waiting app. 30 minutes between each coat. Leave to dry for 6 - 8 hours at 20°C. Sand lightly (220-240 grain), varnish or wax. If a shellac finish is needed, apply the Shellac french polish. For a wax finish use the Beeswax in paste form, for an oil finish use Hard finishing oil.